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Legal Information @ Subpoenas

This page contains links to current corporate policies as well as agreements for the products and services available through Temasek Technology. To view any of the documents presented on this page, click on the policy/agreement.


How to submit a subpoena:
Temasek Technology accepts subpoenas sent via fax, email, regular or overnight mail and hand-delivery. If your subpoena is e-mailed, please ensure the subject of your e-mail includes the language “SUBPOENA”.

Legal in-Charge
subpoenas { @ }
International Facsimile No.: +86-023-88512390

How and when we will reply to a subpeona:
Pursuant to the terms of the MSA, Temasek Technology will respond to all valid subpoenas or court orders from entities and courts who have proper subpoena power and jurisdiction over Temasek Technology.

It is important to include as much detail and information as possible or allowed within the subpoena.

The following are the basic requirements:
• Times and Dates
• IP information
• Domain/Website/Host information
• Whether the subpoena may be disclosed to the customer (unless it specifies that the request must remain confidential, Temasek Technology will notify its customer of the pending subpoena)

We understand the generally time-sensitive nature of each subpoena request. If the Subpoena is of a time-sensitive nature please ensure you fax and e-mail a copy of the subpoena. We will provide responses to the subpoena via fax, email, or regular mail, so please include your preferred method of delivery and your contact information.

We are a provider of data center hosting services centered on the delivery of on-demand server infrastructure. We do not manage the content or applications hosted from our infrastructure as this is the direct responsibility of our customers, many of whom are, in fact, hosting resellers. It’s possible that the information you are requesting belongs to the client of our client or even to a client another tier down.

Important Note

Temasek Technology reserves the right to supplement and/or amend, at any time, the terms and conditions of its MSA, including the TOS, AUP, SLA, Privacy Policy, Anti-SPAM Policy and Temasek Technology Partner Program. Temasek Technology will notify its Customers through the customer portal of any changes affecting cancellation, payment of fees, or the SLA. It is the Customer’s responsibility to review Temasek Technology’s policies on a frequent basis to ensure compliance because the MSA in place during your most current month applies, not the MSA which was in place when you registered.

Comitment Promise:

In addition to web hosting, we offer an array of additional services to serve the needs of our clients. Please browse through our site – examine our services – compare our prices and guarantees – email us if you have a question. We want to establish a permanent business arrangement that will serve as a single point of service for the IT needs of each individual client. Our existence depends on providing quality service to you and we are dedicated to that endeavor.

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