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Uptime SLA Agreement

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Legal Information @ Uptime Service Level Agreement

This page contains links to current corporate policies as well as agreements for the products and services available through Temasek Technology. To view any of the documents presented on this page, click on the policy/agreement.

Uptime Service Level Agreement ("SLA")

The Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is incorporated into the MSA and applicable to all services delivered directly to Customers of Temasek Technology. The SLA is not applicable to unrelated third parties or third parties lacking privity of contract with Temasek Technology. The uptime guarantees and the resulting SLA credits are applied in monthly terms unless specified otherwise. All SLA guarantees and information listed below are made in good faith and are subject to standard contract remedies.

SLA Credit Claim:
To properly claim an SLA credit due, the Customer’s master administrative user must open an SLA ticket located inside the Customer portal at within FIVE (“5”) days of the purported outage. Customer must include service type, IP Address, contact information, and full description of the service interruption including logs, if applicable. The SLA claim will be researched by the appropriate Temasek Technology department manager and any credit issued will be issued to accounting and the ticket will be updated. SLA credits are issued as service credits on future billing cycles. SLA credits shall not be bartered or traded with other Temasek Technology customers. Please allow up to fourteen (“14”) days for the process of SLA claims. Customer acknowledges that the maximum amount of SLA credit that may be used for any particular month cannot exceed the total monthly service fee amount for such month.

SLA Claim Fault:
Customers currently in arrears for monthly services do not qualify for SLA claims. Customers who have been in payment arrears two (“2”) or more times in the previous twelve (“12”) months do not qualify for SLA claims. Valid SLA claims will not be credited to the Customer’s accounts until all abuse issues are resolved. Any Customer making false or repetitive claims will incur a one-time charge of fifty dollars (“$50”) per incident for such claims. False or repetitive claims are also a violation of the TOS and may be subject to service suspension. Customers participating in malicious or aggressive internet activities, thereby causing attacks or counter-attacks, do not qualify for SLA claims and shall be deemed in violation of the AUP.

Temasek Technology guarantees a 99.9% network uptime. If in any given month we fail to meet this guarantee a Temasek Technology customer is eligible for a credit on their current hosting account.

You must meet the below requirements in order to be eligible for an SLA credit:
Your account must be in good standing
You must submit a ticket through our Customer Portal ( to the billing department
All requests must be submitted within 5 days of the reported downtime
All requests must contain a ticket # of the service interruption

SLA Credit will be generated as follows based on your monthly renewal price:

TemasekTech SLA

Temasek Technology is not responsible for downtime related to the services listed below and as such will not issues credits for the following:
Internal services such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc.
Scheduled downtime or planned maintenance
Interruption of service due to unpaid invoices, abuse notifications and violations of TOS
ISP or local connection problems
Customer-controlled downtime
Acts of Force Majeure

This SLA is subject to change at the sole discretion of Temasek Technology and will be updated on the web site. Any changes made to this SLA will take effect 5 days after it is published.

Important Note

Temasek Technology reserves the right to supplement and/or amend, at any time, the terms and conditions of its MSA, including the TOS, AUP, SLA, Privacy Policy, Anti-SPAM Policy and Temasek Technology Partner Program. Temasek Technology will notify its Customers through the customer portal of any changes affecting cancellation, payment of fees, or the SLA. It is the Customer’s responsibility to review Temasek Technology’s policies on a frequent basis to ensure compliance because the MSA in place during your most current month applies, not the MSA which was in place when you registered.

Comitment Promise:

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